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John Gray and the atheist delusion.

Not the author of Man are from Mars and similar populist drivel, but John Gray the British philosopher has an interesting take on what he calls the New Atheists.  I found a lecture by him on YouTube  (parts 1, 2, 3, & 4 ) in which he deftly skewers the likes of Dawkins, Dennet, et al., pointing out that their position is far from novel, and, if anything, rather a caricature of a line of thought with an honourable pedigree.  You can find a text summary of his views in The Guardian (I suppose, once in a while, even they have to publish something worth reading).

An interesting tidbit: suicide bombing was not invented by any religiously driven ideology, but by the Tamil Tigers, a wholly atheist and Marxist group with no illusions about earning themselves a place in paradise surrounded by doting virgins by blowing themselves to pink mist along with anyone who happened to be standing nearby.  No, for these guys, pressing that switch finished it thoroughly and proved that you don’t need religion to engender terrorism.

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