Have you been to the moon?

The other day, I took a taxi ride and the driver, being a lamentably chatty sort, asked me what I do for a living. Upon learning that I am an astronomer, she promptly inquired, in all apparent innocence, if I had been to the moon. I am pretty sure this was a serious question. Several friends have since suggested that I should have answered “not yet” or something similar, but I was unfortunately dumbstruck. I just sat there listening as she held forth on how it is so wonderful that the planets orbit the moon but she could only look at the moon because she had a bad knee. Right.

One Response to “Have you been to the moon?”

  1. Margaret says:

    This is classic! Love it!
    At least she didn’t ask you about her zodiac sign!
    Also interesting, though not the focus here, is that your taxi driver was a woman! Not very common in Chile, at least not in Santiago.

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