My cat ate my wetsuit.

My cat, Floozie, likes to chew on my neoprene netbook bag, although she knows very well that she’s not allowed.  This set me wondering if cats chewing neoprene is a common problem – after all, it does have a potentially chewy texture (no, I haven’t tried).  So I Googled “my cat ate my wetsuit” and was bemused to get no hits at all.  How many 5 word sentences have no Google hits?  Anyone?

(Also, not three minutes after writing this post, I Googled “my cat ate my wetsuit” again, and got this URL.  That was quick!)

One Response to “My cat ate my wetsuit.”

  1. Liz says:

    Cats commonly chew on wool clothing, something to do with lanolin and nipples…My cats bury their heads in, and suck on the raw wool when I am spinning, and when the sheep let them, they like to lick their sheepy faces!

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