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Excited Dog

I went for a walk on the beach beside the construction site of a new condo.  They were pumping out the marsh (on which they’re building an enormous complex, on sand, in an earthquake zone, next to a beach known for its tsunamis) and the water was this evil orange color.  A stray dog thought I was the best thing ever and played around me.


Dark Energy Energy Camera under construction

Dark Energy Camera under construction at Fermilab. Go here for more information.

Red Indians in Pisco Elqui.

How bizarre is this?  Baile Chino “(Chinese Dance”) featuring Dakota Indians (well, Chilenos in Indian garb) and Joseph carrying Jesus before Our Lady of the somethingorother in Pisco Elqui, Chile.

Cerro Pachon in the snow

Private garden, Los Vilos, Chile

Have you been to the moon?

The other day, I took a taxi ride and the driver, being a lamentably chatty sort, asked me what I do for a living. Upon learning that I am an astronomer, she promptly inquired, in all apparent innocence, if I had been to the moon. I am pretty sure this was a serious question. Several friends have since suggested that I should have answered “not yet” or something similar, but I was unfortunately dumbstruck. I just sat there listening as she held forth on how it is so wonderful that the planets orbit the moon but she could only look at the moon because she had a bad knee. Right.

Lecco panorama

Lecco, Northern Italy

Lecco, Northern Italy

A new panorama from CTIO

A new panorama over PROMPT

A new panorama, at sunset, over Prompt

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